Dust monitoring with GRIMM instruments

Dust monitoring instruments for indoor air quality have a long tradition at GRIMM Technologies, Inc.
These optical laser light aerosol spectrometers monitor in real-time the dust concentration, the particle size distribution in over 30 different size ranges and convert those results simultaneously to PM10, PM2.5, PM1, inhalable, thoracic, and respirable fractions following the European and American regulations. Even the Nano particle size fraction is covered in a docent size ranges and can be expanded down to a few nanometers with our accessories.

We deliver you precisely calibrated dust measurement instruments with a deviation factor of max. 3%!

Indoor Air Quality product range

The instrument design of our product range varies from small portable monitors to larger stations in process and industrial sites, but are also commonly used in testing and research facilities. Additional aerosol generators permit not only calibration but also many simulations for medical or toxicological use.

General Catalogue IAQ
11-CHandheld aerosol spectrometer, model Classic
The ONLY handy dust monitor based on laser scattering technology
Giving you in real-time PM values and particle size distribution
11-RHandheld aerosol spectrometer, model Research
The ONLY handy dust monitor based on laser scattering technology
Giving you in real-time PM values and particle size distribution
Additional supervision of internal humidity and concentration and visualizing the current status on the device
1371Mini Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer, combining the technology of the spectrometers 11-C and 11-R with a Faraday Cup Electrometer to give you in one portable device the complete particle information from 10nm to 35m in 41 size channels.
No liquids like butanol or water needed, no radioactive source.
11-BBio-Aerosol Spectrometer
This aerosol spectrometer features a detachable object slide on which all particles are impacted on.
Applying silicone on this object slide prior to your measurement will let bacteria, spores, etc. survive for later microscopic and chemical analysis
11-SIn-flight aerosol spectrometer
Pressure compensating dust monitor for measurements in environments
With varying air pressures, such as in-flight measurements, production processes, in-duct applications, etc.

Service & Data transfer

Highest performance, quality, and precision combined with quick customer support are our base for over 30 years of customer satisfaction. High-end electronic permits easy (wireless) data transfer and our powerful software an easy and customer-friendly use of the system.

MiniWRAS (Mini Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer)

With our unique device MiniWRAS (Mini Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer) we are able to measure airborne particles from 10 nm up to 32 m in 41 size channels. With an intelligent combination of two measurement techniques in one single portable unit, we give you more information about even Ultra-Fine Particle contamination at the workplace or in research applications.


Our LabView programmed software will allow you to get the most out of your data. The output particle size distribution will also be converted into following values: particle mass per size channel, mass fractions inhalable, thoracic, respirable, particle surface distribution in mm per liter, total counts (all or selectable range), alarm values, log files, scientific statistics, and more.

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