Environmental Dust Monitors

The name GRIMM is an institution in respect of optical dust measurement solutions for official and also industrial networks. As the pioneer with the first approved system of optical environmental dust monitoring, we passed until now over 15 equivalence tests worldwide (e.g. US EPA, UK MCERT, Germany LUBW, Austria UBA, CMA, etc.).
From handheld solutions for instant measurements over 19 rack versions for professional container solutions to stand-alone versions we cover all applications you need.
These optical laser light aerosol spectrometers / monitors measure the particle size distribution in over 30 different size ranges and convert these results simultaneously to total dust PM10, PM2.5, and even PM1 fractions following the European and American EPA regulations. Even the Nano particle size fraction is covered in a docent size ranges and can be expanded down to a few nanometers with our accessories.

General Catalogue ENVIRO
11-EHandheld PM monitor for mobile dust monitoring
EDM164Compact Near Reference Method for stand-alone measurements
EDM180Federal Equivalent Method for use in measurement networks
EDM365Stand-alone version of the EDM180+ inside a weather housing
EDM465Outdoor Ultrafine Particle Counter for continuous monitoring
EDM665Weather protected 5nm-32m Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer for continuous monitoring and outdoor research applications

Our Product Range for Outdoor Monitors

The instrument design of our Environmental product range varies from small portable monitors to larger stations in networks since US EPA, European regulators and many other official government bodies worldwide approved them. Commonly there is also a range of units used in the field of testing and research. High-end electronic permits easy (wireless) data transfer and our powerful software an easy and customer-friendly use of the system.
We are the only company which also supplies UFP (ultra-fine particle) measurement solutions. Research particles from 4 nm up to 32 m within one real 24/7 Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer. Discover the possibilities!
We are ready for the future of the UFP measurement. To retrieve your data comfortably to your desk or into a central monitoring solution, we provide GSM data loggers which secure your data and send them directly to an internet or monitoring platform.

From stations in the Amazon rain forest up to the Himalaya, from Central Europe deep into the Mongolian desert no matter where, we measure precisely!

Upgrade to more values

Our models EDM164, EDM180 and EDM365 start with the basic version C. This means they will output PM10 and PM2.5 simultaneously. Our philosophy is to provide the customer with the solution that does not only fit his measurement task, but also his pocket. So, if you want to upgrade your measurement device to measure even PM1 or TSP and Total Counts (upgrade to version D), or even to additional particle count distribution in 31 size channels (upgrade to version MC, needs version D first), you can do this at any later point of time.
The EDM180s can even be purchased with one PM value only to offer an entry-level pricing. Ask for version A (PM10) or B (PM2.5).


Our LabView programmed software will allow you to get the most out of your data. Depending on the model version you use you will get the PM values numeric, in tables, graphs and statistics or if you chose to have the highest version MC, you will even get the particle size distribution and its conversion into following values: particle mass per size channel, mass fractions inhalable, thoracic, respirable, particle surface distribution in mm2 per liter, total counts (all or selectable range), alarm values, log files, scientific statistics, and more.

Click here to download GRIMM software.