One of the most important things to consider is creating the interface between the aerosol source and the measurement device itself.
Many applications will require you to care about the ambient conditions like humidity, temperature, wind regimes, pressure, etc. in order to get the most out of your valuable data.
With all the accessories GRIMM offers, like additional sensors, particle generators and also dilutors for high concentration you are all set to start with your measurement task.

See here our examples for generators, dilutors, neutralizers and general accessories:

Generators, Dilutors and Neutralizers

7811Universal Aerosol GeneratorNano, IAQ
7860Tungsten GeneratorNano
7917Emission Sampling System - dilutorNano
1159-101:10 DilutorIAQ
1159-1001:100 DilutorIAQ
7951Variable Dilutor
1:10, 1:31.6, 1:100, 1:316, 1:1000, needs external air
5561Electrostatic PrecipitatorNano

General Accessories

1110Rechargeable lead batteryIAQ, Enviro
1110L-ERechargeable Li-Ion batteryIAQ, Enviro
1111Radial-symmetric sampling headIAQ, Enviro
1113APTFE filterIAQ, Enviro
1144 (A to D)Hard sided carrying caseIAQ, Enviro, Nano
1142.M5GSM data loggerEnviro, Nano
1145ALeather protection bag for handheldsIAQ
1148Zero test filterIAQ, Enviro
1152Isokinetic sampling setIAQ, Enviro
158-TRHSensor for rel. humidity, temperatureIAQ, Enviro
157LSensor for rel. humidity, temperature, pressureEnviro
158L157L & additionally wind speed and directionEnviro
159L158L & additionally precipitation Enviro
199Air-conditioned weather housing with space for 18 height units, 19 rack, powder-coated stainless steelEnviro