The GRIMM Group is the inventor of optical mass measurement and therefore has set the trends for decades. GRIMM Technologies, Inc., your US-based measurement tool supplier and member of the GRIMM Group provides you with excellent support and service facilities for the great product range of Environmental Dust Monitors, Scanning Mobility Particle Sizers, Indoor Air Quality spectrometers and takes pride in matchless customized measurement solutions to meet your demands.

GRIMM is the only manufacturer of optical real-time measurement devices giving the particle size, mass & surface distribution, all PM values (e.g. PM10, PM2.5, PM1), and OSHA values inhalable, thoracic, and respirable. SIMULTANEOUSLY!


See our solutions for handheld, mobile and stationary dust monitoring. The Environmental product line enables you to do quick dust checks, fulfill research tasks and even allow for US- EPA conform 24/7 PM monitoring.

The FEM instrument EDM180+ measures simultaneously PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and even particle size distribution. This US-EPA approved FEM measurement cell is also the heart of all other Environmental Dust Monitors of our line.

GRIMM offers innovative, high-quality and reliable instruments for the counting and sizing of nanoparticles.

When inhaled, nanoparticles or ultrafine particles deposit deep in the lung, and the potential health risks are the subject of many scientific studies and media reports.

GRIMM provides mobile, stationary, and also 19“ rack mounted devices for various applications: A range of many different modular Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) models and the Faraday Cup Electrometer (FCE) for the measurement of the number concentration of nanoparticles, Differential Mobility Analysers (DMAs) for the size distribution in different size ranges, several Neutralizer types and many accessories offer the possibility to set up an individual system configuration.

GRIMM realizes portable particle measurement from 10 nm to 35 µm in a high size and temporal resolution. With GRIMM´s laser aerosol spectrometers and hybrids like the combination with a Faraday Cup Electrometer you will be able to process simple and fast particle assessment as well as go deep into your customized field of particle research.

Get your values PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TSP, inhalable, respirable, thoracic, particle size and mass distribution, TC and particle surface distribution for epidemiological studies. Even our basic device will give you all this.

Our global acting team dedicates themselves to highest quality while maintaining fastest support. Countless customers from measurement networks, R&D, universities as well as health & safety officers trust in GRIMM products. They enjoy the versatility, reliability and incomparable accuracy.

Convince yourself and become confident with undreamed-of possibilities and precision. Find further information on our website or contact us to meet your local partner for a demonstration.

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